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Celebrate the Process of Becoming

Here are a couple of reminders that sum up this piece:

·         Start your journey, because you can only reach the end by beginning.

·         Comparing your work with another, or against an ideal, is energy-sapping; avoid it.

·         Celebrate each milestone because they reveal that character development is taking place.

·         You are unique, your work is unique, and the world is less colorful without your contribution.

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Commonplace Miracles: From Entitlement to Gratitude

As it is Thanksgiving week (for our US-based readers), today’s article discusses how to sustain an attitude of gratitude all year long. All too often, the relationships, jobs, environments, and possessions that used to excite us lose their shine as they become an everyday experience. We start to take these blessings—miracles, if you will—for granted. We feel entitled to them and the risk of losing them becomes real.

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