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Review of the Year's Best: My Advice to Graduates: Don't Waste A Crisis

As we close the page on 2018, we take one last look at some of the best articles published on this platform this year. This one talks about how crisis is an opportunity.

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. This final installment in the Advice to Graduates series addresses the subject of crisis: what it is, and how to handle it, when (not if) it comes.

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My Advice to Graduates: Avoid This MAJOR Mistake

The major mistake I see young graduates make is this: believing that what they do in their “free time” has no bearing on their job performance. Free from the pressures of work, and especially of being continuously assessed by everyone, from their peers to their supervisors, graduates often feel the urge to wind down after work in ways that, over time, are counter-productive. Most of life is spent outside of work, so the ways in which we spend this time deserves more thought and attention than is usually paid.

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My Advice to Graduates: Understand the Calculus of Professional Success

Mathematical calculus has two parts: differentiation and integration. On these two pillars rest science and technology as we know it. There is hardly any modern engineering invention that does not owe its creation, and continued refinement, to these two concepts. Many complex problems are solved after being differentiated and then integrated. Interestingly, this is also the recipe for career success.

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