The Conversation Continues Here...

Soon after I gave the DREAM speech to graduating Chemical Engineering students at the University of Arkansas, a gentleman approached me and said, “good speech, but you made it sound as if it is easy to overcome one’s fears.” He told me about a few of his fears, some formed because of prior failures, and how he believed that defeating fears is a learned skill.

Since that conversation, I have been fortunate to engage with many people who either listened to the speech or read the transcripts or bought the DREAM book. The feedback is unanimous: HOW? How do I overcome my fears? I know I should dream more and fear less but how can I do just that?

Since the situations where fear rears its scary head are as diverse as the people who dare to dream, I thought it best to continue this dialogue in the form of a blog. On Dreams and Fears, this blog, will teach you how. When necessary, we will first look at the theory behind an approach before explaining the approach itself. At other times, we will just jump right in.

Check back and see more blog posts and let me know via the Contact Form is there’s a topic you would like for us to deal with here. Dream on!