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Dream by
Michael Taiwo, PhD

Whether you are a high school grad going to college, or a college grad moving to the workforce, or a worker contemplating a career switch, transitions are unnerving. The old rules no longer hold true, and failure feels near. Your dreams brought you to this doorstep of change, but your fears can send you back. To change your dreams into reality, you must walk through that door, outside threats and inner doubts notwithstanding. DREAM inspires you to slay what terrifies you so that you can have more, do more and be more.


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About the Author

Michael Taiwo was born and raised in a town in the middle of nowhere in Nigeria. He considers himself low maintenance probably because he was raised on less than 50 cents a day. As a child, he would walk a mile to the town’s public library because there were orange, mango and cashew trees behind the library and he was welcome to them. He would have as many fruits as his stomach could hold, and then go into the library to enjoy yet another free item: books.


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